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Thick White Discharge, Clumpy, Sticky With.

It looks like clumpy white stuff. Most medical descriptions compare the discharge to ricotta cheese, but it can range from thick and not clumpy to faintly yellow to thin and clear. It smells like bread or beer. In fact, it smells pretty much exactly like yeast. 1 replies. Vaginal discharge constitutes an important part of the female reproductive system, serving as a housekeeping function that maintains your vagina clean and healthy.Most of the time, white vaginal discharge is normal and does not indicate an infection unless it’s accompanied by other symptoms such as itching and foul odor. Having a discharge from your vagina is normal since it is the body's way of cleaning itself. However, a discharge will be termed normal or abnormal depending on its amount, smell and any other signs that accompany it. The thick white discharge will be the primary focus of this article. Burning sensation during urination and cleansing the area while bathing with soap, extreme pain and a burning sensation during sex, foul fishy smell down there if it smells like spoiled milk, its normal, white clumpy discharge like cottage chesse. A normal mucus like discharge is normal. And constant itching. White Clumpy Discharge: All You Need to Know, or 10 Expert Advice for Healthy Vagina. STD Infection, especially a yeast infection ‘candidiasis’, is a well-known reason of white, thick and clumpy discharge like ‘cottage cheese’, accompanied by itching.

Thick white discharge from vagina is generally seen during early pregnancy & continues for the first two trimesters. The jelly-like white discharge can also occur when you start taking a birth control pill. 7. Thick clumpy white discharge is one of the unusual symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Patterson on white clumpy discharge somewhat like cottage cheese: A clumpy cottage cheese- like, white, non- odorous discharge associated w itching, burning, swelling or redness can be due to yeast infections. If you have a change in color, texture. 01/07/2007 · Its completely normal to have a white discharge. Cervical Mucus changes within your cycle as it should. The only white discharge you should worry about is if its clumpy, like cottage cheese or ricotta cheese.sounds gross I know but thats usually a sign of a yeast infection or other vaginal infection. It is the discharge that we content with for most of our monthly cycle. The milky white discharge changes slightly depending on what is going on in our bodies. Let us see the different instances when the milky white discharge changes. During ovulation, you will notice that your paste-like white discharge turns colorless and stringy.

Hi, I used to have a discharge that is very solid and looks like cottage cheese starting 1week before my periods. Thick vaginal discharge resembles ricotta cheese. I have a thick clumpy white vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is something that every woman has to deal with. However, sometimes, this discharge can point to something sinister. Particularly, if your vaginal discharge is white and clumpy, chances are you might have an infection. There are different causes of a white and clumpy discharge and there are multiple ways to treat them also. Not all yeast infection have white discharge. One of the most common yeast infection signs is a discharge. It can range in color from faint yellow to clear. The discharge can also be thick, watery, or clumpy and looks like ricotta cheese. Not all.

Three Types of Thick White Discharge that You.

White clumpy discharge - Answers.

04/05/2013 · This Site Might Help You. RE: Clumpy, white, cottage cheese like discharge but no itching? It has been about a month since I have had this discharge although I&39;m not sure if discharge is even the right word. 27/09/2017 · Infections that Cause White Discharge or Thick White Discharge. Although thick white discharge isn’t usually anything to worry about, if it is accompanied by other symptoms, then it may be a sign of an infection. Yeast infection. If you notice a thick clumpy white discharge, then it could be a sign of a yeast infection.

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